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With infolinks Maximize earning from your Site

Introducing infolinks to Earn from Your Blog or a Website:
infolinks ads

infolinks sayings!
At Infolinks, we really care about your income, and your readers. Thats why we pay the highest In-Text advertising revenue share and deliver only relevant advertisment. The result? Higher conversion. Higher income.
Requirements of infolinks to be approved for your site(Blogspot,wordpress or a website):
Infolinks has not special rules as adsense has some's. you can get approved infolinks even if your Blog is new and smaller.However there are some constraints(Limitations) from infolinks
1.Your Blog does not include hacking stuffs.
2.your Blog does Not contains Ptc ads or other spam ads.
3.Your blog does not include chat rooms and tv channels only
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There are some reasons that's why i love infolinks:
infolinks has not stick rules as adsense and never hurt user. their ads are user friendly and do not occupy space in your Blog or in a website.
infolinks offers various methods to get paid(will mention in this post)

Infolinks work same as adsense:
you can have adsense and infolinks bothes in your site to earn more money from your site.
approximately you can earn same as from adsense. However there are some dependencies.
in some cases i can say that infolinks is better than adsense because they have support center and you can easily get help from then by sending an email to them. infolinks has a great support for their publihsers

How can i get paid?:
You can payout your earning through various method
1.PayPal (minimum thereshold is $50)
2.Western union (minimum thereshold is $100)
3.Bank wire transffer
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Earn More with infolinks:
After You applied for infolinks and got approved then you can earn even more from your site.
infolinks offer's the following ways to earn more from your site.
1. Using in-text ads.
2.using Related tags.
3.using Search widget(you can use it after some months when your blog running infolinks ads)
4.Using Tag cloud.
Your can find the above resources in infolinks site, and can apply with one click button.

So Now it's up to you!

Guest Post By Kamran Khan
This Post was written By Kamran Khan
i am Kamran Khan Founder of TrixKing

Kamran Khan

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  1. hi how are you i m using infolinks its really they paid little less yes but they have no strict rules like adsense..i really like first cheque is near to complete

  2. Hi Kamran, thanks for sharing this information with your readers! Infolinks is a great way to monetize sites all over the world. @Harry, if you should need some more tips on how to improve your earnings, feel free to contact our Support team any time at

  3. Thanks for commenting!
    you are right. infolinks is a great and as alternative to adsense.

  4. yah and now inframe ads too . . enjoying infolinks


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