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Minimum Requirements For Blogspot To be Approved For Google Adsense

Earn with Adsense
In this Post i will let you know How to Get Google Adsense and what are the at least criteria to be successfully Approved, there are some Requirements that you must have in your Blogspot Site. Google has some constraints(limitations,checks) on Blogspot domains to have adsense 

Blogspot Adsense
What are the Minimum Requiments:
  1. Your Blog(Blogspot) must be 6 Months Old.
  2.  Your Blog must have sufficient Posts. more than 80 
  3. Your Blog does not have all copy right posts. at least some posts you written yourself.
  4. Your Blog content doest not include such contents which attract users most.
  5. For examples: chat rooms, Tv channels, etc.
  6. Your Blog posts/pages does not include site under ""construction  or coming soon posts"
When i can Add it? :
You can add AdSense to just about any blog or Website, so long as you follow Google's Terms of Service.
It is especially easy to ad AdSense to Blogger.
Now Let Start to Apply adsense For Blogger(Blogspot)
  1. Log into Blogger.
  2. Go to Template: Page Elements(layout).
  3. Add Gadget and select Adsense.
  4. Now Apply to Google Adsense. Click Here To Apply Now
  5. And Fill the Form and apply.
  6. Google will review your application and will respond you with 7 days.
  7. Good Luck!
Very Important Note For Pakistanis ,Indians and for some other countries 
if you are living in such a place where there are not street numbers.
You must have to add some street number's, and Don't worry if it is not correct. just include some numbers, However you must correct add your Location. Your City , post office and village.
i am saying again you must have to add some number in the address even if it is wrong otherwise you will not be approved.

Let say you an example.
City Dehli post office: Name of post office, 222.

Have a still problem. comments what's on your mind?
You are so Amazing!

Kamran Khan

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  1. yes. it is especially for my blogger friends

  2. hmm..yes you are right. everyone should have to know. especially for new blogger's

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  4. Yes it is a huge tasks for all the bloggers to have Adsense. even though such restrictions are applied to countries like us,Most us people gets Adsense simply they do not want to wait upto 6months and several other restriction are less.

  5. hhmmm. Nice tips but Pak is in Spam list ..
    these tips will not work..

    1. i do not agree with you..i saw my some friends in pakistan who earn 50+ thousands per month...need quality contents

  6. Thanks Kamran..this is very useful. I got so many blogspot that have a good chance for earning dollar.

  7. Felling good. Following your suggestions. Thanks.

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    infact my all experience i will share. from disapproving to get payment! if you have any problem. Then Don't forget to comment!


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