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Welcome To The World of Bloggers

Hi! Welcome to The World of Bloggers
Good Morning!
For Blogger's every time is Good Morning, whenever they come to Pc and saw a new posts. they start reading.
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You know what: in fact while sleeping they also planning that which article will i write tomorrow, and so on! the waster their sleeping time. and in the morning if it is Holiday the wake up late.And early if the have some the new to include in their Blog.

Before they didn't know about Blogging their objective is to earn some thing. but after that when they enter in the world of Blogger's. better than i say you know it.
Here's the list,
in this post i will write on Blogger's about them especially about their objectives and achievements.
Top Domains(.com) by ammar
I’m Ammar Ali a young Entrepreneur, Affiliate marketer currently living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am a Professional Blogger & an addicted Web Developer and Student.
I started blogging in August 2011 with free hosting and domain. Mine thirst for learning latest web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript equipped me with an art of web designing. I am now a good designer. Facebook LearnMore>> by Syed Faizan
Faizan is a 17 year old young guy who is blessed with the art of Blogging,He love to Blog day in and day out,He is a Professional SEO Consultant,Website Designer and a Certified Graphics Designer.He is blogging on several forums from 2008 and Still love to share bright ideas.Facebook Learnmore>>visit By Salman Baig:
"Salman baig is a young blogger from pakistan, Peshawar, He is a 17 year old student of computer science and loves to do blogging, His first blog about gaming is Gaming news but later he leave it and and started blogging at rockpaki about blogging and search engine optimization, He love to help others and provide good stuff to them Salman is a passionate blogger and a SEO. Facebook. LearnMore

BlogTricksPlus By Sanjaya Jayasooriya from SriLanka
Sanjaya Jayasooriya is the founder of, A New Blogger, Providing service for the begginer's about Earning, Back-links,Ranks,He also Blogging on medical and writing useful posts on it. and especially to syndicate Blog. Be a Fan of him on Facebook, LearnMore>>

                BlogSpot Domains by Asim Nawaz

In the beginning of blogging i faced alot of difficulties to learn it.  But i didn't put my efforts down. I continued to learn. All Because of that i decided to help those with my experience those who want to learn blogging and save them from facing difficulties.You Can Get in My Blog softwares,ebooks,videos,wallpapers,programming tips,solution manuals , blogging tutorials and many more.
 ::LearnMore:: Facebook:

More Blogger's will be add here. and this post will be shared to 1700 fb fans,400 friends,1700 google+ followers, and 800 twitter followers.

i am Computer Science Student Doing Mcs From Awkum University.
You Are So Amazing!
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Kamran Khan

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  1. Hei this is me.... thanks for it. I was surprised. :-)

    1. yeah...actually i have some problems with internet..i will customize it and will update it..also will add other Blogger's.
      My pleasure!

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